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From the watercolour class Azamara Quest 2015


Life & style  FashionWeekender                                                                                                                                              Weekender: Melvyn Posner, gallery owner, 70         

 'I'm at my most creative in the very early morning and often wake at 4am'

Melvyn Posner: 'My style is eclectic, co-ordinated with panache.'

I met my wife Sheila, an artist, in 1963 at the Last Chance, a disco near Tottenham Court Road, London. We married in 1967 and moved to the Bahamas for three years. We missed the sunshine when we returned to London, so we moved to Australia in 1971. We now run the Mesh Gallery in Woollahra (meshgallery.com.au), where Sheila is the resident artist. It's 5km from downtown Sydney, and we can walk to Bondi Beach.

Being self-employed means work and play just merge. But we enjoy nothing more than a walk in Cooper Park – a rainforest near our house – or around Sydney harbour.

I'm at my most creative in the very early morning and often wake at 4am. I make myself an espresso and savour it with a piece of homemade lemon yoghurt cake, which I keep in the freezer so it's there when I want it. The morning it runs out, I make another.

I love shopping and always make an effort to look stylish. My style is eclectic, co-ordinated with panache. Sheila was an art and fashionstudent in London in the 60s and has been a great influence. My cap is from Zara, the jacket from Saba – an Australian label – jeans by Paul Smith and boots by Country Road. I have four pairs of these spectacle frames in different colours (they're from Ottica Carraro in Venice), so I can coordinate them with whatever I'm wearing.